Perspective Five

When using Perspective Five, you are detached, or objective, as opposed to losing yourself in your environment. As you are somewhat removed from the scene, you occupy an observer space, so to speak, from which you see and hear what is going on “over there.”

Perspective Five allows you to be less emotionally involved. If, for example, you were objectively evaluating an orange—maybe you’re going to serve fruit salad to guests—you might pay attention to the acidity on your tongue or notice that the juice tasted sweeter than usual. Enjoyment of the orange has been subordinated to observation.

When you are detached, your feelings are more under your own control and less contingent upon circumstances. While riding a roller coaster, you may become curious about the physics of the cars staying on the pitched track. While giving a speech, you may evaluate the audience reaction. On the jury in a murder trial, you can dispassionately weigh the evidence for and against the charges.

Five-Six Structure

Five-wing-Six Personality Type


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