The Five-Six Structure

The Five-Six structure includes combination perspective Six, which unites perspectives Two and One, so this structure comprises individuated perspectives Five and One plus relational perspective Two. The result is a personality that may best be described as a contrarian.

Perspective Five makes Five-Sixes detached from the environment. This does not mean they are either uninterested or disinterested. Perspective Five still leaves people free to be involved and concerned. They simply remove themselves from the immediacy of experience and observe it, more or less objectively. This is what makes these personalities good investigators.

Having perspective One means that Five-Sixes are identified with and motivated to action by a guiding principle. They are not particularly concerned with being esteemed by others, if that means compromising their principles. To some degree they are always going to be reformers.

Their Five and One components are usually pretty obvious. It’s perspective Two that you may have trouble seeing in some Five-Sixes. That’s because, although they are focused more on the other than on themselves, they may be quite suspicious of the other’s values, motives, and desires. Or they may simply believe that they know better what the other should want.

The dynamics of this structure are as follows: Five-Sixes observe what already exists (Five) and what people seem to need (Two). They then compare these findings to their own guiding principles to see what ought to be said or done, and that is what they do (One).

The ranks of Five-Sixes include many lawyers, investigative journalists, investors, philanthropists, inventors, scientists, and philosophers.

Personality Type Five-wing-Six



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