The Boss

Self-confident and assertive Bosses are drawn to the leadership roles, whether in organizations or relationships personal. They regularly challenge others for authority, but they will be affable about it as long as the others don’t resist them, and then they may fight for dominance.

Probable examples of personality type Eight-wing-Nine are George W. Bush, John McCain, Dick Clark, and Robert Altman. Other reported examples are Winston Churchill, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Martin Luther King, Jr., H. Ross Perot, George Patton, Douglas MacArthur, Janet Reno, Charlton Heston, Johnny Cash, Barbara Walters, Ed Asner, and John Wayne.

Dick Clark has been listed elsewhere as a Three-wing-Two. Although he may have presented that cheery Motivator’s image on camera, accounts of his producing and directing style peg him as a domineering, demanding Boss.

Paul Newman has elsewhere been categorized as an Eight-wing-Nine, but I believe this to have been an example of confusing an actor with his roles. To me, the affable and philanthropic Newman seems to have been a Six-wing-Seven, a common type for actors. His racecar driving is probably one indicator of the Seven wing.

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