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Keen observers of society, Guardians stand up for justice and security. Ethical or political commitments are important to them, and they will devote their lives to protecting and supporting whichever groups or individuals they adopt as their own cause.

Although Six-wing-Fives are intensely loyal to those they have chosen to support to those they disagree with, they can be contrarian zealots, pushing against their opposition. You might think of Richard Nixon with his “enemies list” and Christopher Hitchins with his “proselytizing” for atheism.

This is a common type for lawyers and politicians and is probably the most common type for investigative journalists. Probable examples of personality type Six-wing-Five are Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Richard M. Nixon, Edward M. Kennedy, Mark Twain, Michael Moore, Gloria Steinem, Rachel Maddow, Christopher Hitchens, Ralph Nader, and Tucker Carlson. Other reported examples are Walter Mondale, Bob Dole, Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Phil Donahue, Joseph McCarthy, J. Edgar Hoover, and Oliver North.

Six-wing-Fives have concerns about security, which they displace onto selected others, and then set themselves up as their guardians. People of this personality type may even sacrifice their own needs to the safety and well-being of their favored groups and ideas.

Structure Five-Six

Related Personality Type Five-wing-Six


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