The Servant-Leader

Perspective Two’s empathy with individuals joins with One’s idealism to form Servant-Leaders, people who are concerned with improving the human condition. They are compassionate, caring nurturers and managers, as well as advocates for the underdog. 26

Since the dominant Perspective of this type is One, One-wing-Twos will seek to evince the principles dictated by the higher self. That is why we see in well-developed people of this type characteristics such as nobility, a sense of mission, impassioned striving, orderliness, and intelligence.

Perspective Two, the heart position, is the secondary posture for One-wing-Twos. Because of their reliance on Perspective Two, even though they typically gravitate toward a leadership role, they will lead with caring and generosity.

Hillary Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jerry Brown, Mario Cuomo, Emma Thompson, and Martha Stewart probably have personality type One-wing-Two.

Where the other’s desire meets the judgment of the ideal self, One-wing-Two’s purpose appears. As Bill Clinton said of his One-wing-Two wife, “She’s got the best combination of mind and heart … I’ve ever seen.” Yet “heart” does not always figure prominently in this type’s public image. Obviously, the heavier influence of mind (One) has something to do with this.

As suggested above, when advocating or working on behalf of reforms, it is sometimes preferable to avoid getting too emotionally invested in the process. One-wing-Twos probably do better when practicing detachment (perspective Five), and they may sabotage their causes by becoming overly attached to specific outcomes or taking things too personally.

Moreover, when One-wing-Twos lose their normal reserve, they seem unnatural and incongruent to onlookers. On occasion, Hillary Clinton has been accused of having a “meltdown.” She may tear up or get melodramatic. She can become overly controlling and what anti-feminists delight in calling “shrill.” These are clearly moments of reverting to associated Perspective Seven when she should have stayed in Five, the observer state.

I have a hypothesis that because One-wing-Twos want to help people they may attach themselves to spouses and employers who actively solicit their assistance. This dynamic would make both parties feel loved and appreciated. Potential partners would tend to be people with an Eight component since they like making demands on others. Bill and Hillary Clinton fit this picture since he is a Three-wing-Two (Seven plus Eight plus Two).

Among the liabilities for One-wing-Twos is that they can be perfectionistic, impatient, emotionally constricted, judgmental, inflexible, and intolerant. Furthermore, they can fail to match up to their own high standards in any number of ways. But the loss of Perspective Five under stress and the simultaneous slide into negative-Seven is the biggest risk for this type.

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