The Structural Enneagram is a model that represents how people are in the world. How they think, act, and feel.

It is a model representing personality, in the same sense that an architect’s small-scale model represents a full-sized building. A model doesn’t include everything that’s in the original. The model leaves things out and simplifies. Personality isn’t as simple as 9 points on a circle. People aren’t as simple as personality.

Yet models tell us things we didn’t already know about the originals. For many years, various versions of the Enneagram of Personality have explained us to ourselves in successively richer terms.

The Structural Enneagram is a further deepening of the model. It looks underneath personality to the structures that support it. That’s what this web site is about.

Jean Adeler, Ph.D.

Contact me at jean@structuralEnneagram.com.

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