Personality Types with Wings

The conventional Enneagram assigns one personality type to each numbered point around the circle and allows for an adjacent “wing,” which is optional and which signifies only minor adjustments to the basic personality.

Although the Structural Enneagram adopts the conventional Enneagram practice of calling the secondary number a wing, this model does not recognize a single-number type. Rather, wings are integral to the personality type. Consequently, all personalities are identified by two numbers–a dominant type plus a non-dominant wing.

In the table below, due to constraints imposed my software, personality types are listed by a sort of “shorthand.” Ordinarily I refer to personality type One with a Two wing as “One-wing-Two.” In this table that is shortened further to 1w2.

 1w2  Servant-Leader   Caring, advocating, reforming, demanding
 2w1  Altruist  Warm, serving, people-pleasing, somatizing
 2w3  Giver  Friendly, adaptable, supportive, status-seeking
 3w2  Motivator  Charming, encouraging, ambitious, narcissistic
 3w4  Achiever  Ambitious, creative, image-conscious
 4w3  Individualist  Original, different, introspective, moody
 4w5  Artist  Unconventional, self-conscious, depressive
 5w4  Visionary  Cerebral, creative, provocative
 5w6  Observer  Investigating, perfecting, contrarian, socially awkward
 6w5  Guardian  Investigating, dependable, contrarian, cynical
 6w7  Loyalist  Reliable, balanced, entertaining, wary
 7w6  Enthusiast  Spontaneous, quick, gregarious, impulsive
 7w8  Excitement Seeker  Extroverted, engaged, impatient, escaping
 8w7  Rebel  Power seeking, revolutionizing, violent
 8w9  Boss  Leading, challenging, delegating, bullying
9w8   Mediator  Optimistic, inspiring, belligerent
 9w1  Peacemaker  Independent, philosophical, stubborn
 1w9  Idealist  Principled, purposeful, judgmental

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