Typing a Few Republicans

Here is my first read on some of the Republicans who are running, or might run, for  president:

  • Mitt Romney, Eight-wing-Nine
  • Rick Perry, Eight-wing-Nine
  • Michele Bachmann, Eight-wing-Seven
  • Sarah Palin, Seven-wing-Eight
  • Ron Paul, Six-wing-Five

Romney and Perry seem to have the typical “leader” profile, much like George W. Bush. Bachmann likes power, but her fanciful treatment of facts doesn’t argue for her being another Eight-wing-Nine.

These days, Palin is more about publicity than exercising power, but it is only today that I moved her (in my mind) from Eight-wing-Seven to Seven-wing-Eight. I can’t see her as Three-wing-Two because she doesn’t seem to prepare for her appearances, by studying, for example.

Ron Paul doesn’t seem so much to want to exercise power as to promote a system of thought. Yet, in spite of his principled libertarianism, he is the “guardian” of embryos and fetuses. In other words, he’s anti-libertarian on the issue of abortion. So, for now, I’m calling him Six-wing-Five.

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Jean Adeler, Ph.D., is the originator of the Structural Enneagram.
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