Personality One-wing-Nine, The Idealist

One-wing-Nines want to express and embody their values and beliefs. This leads them to push for reforms on a local or more universal level. They want things to be done properly. Within themselves, they assure that things are done properly by setting up and identifying with a conscious director, or controller, part. Through their controller part they orchestrate the cooperation, coordination, and well-being of their own unconscious parts.

Other writers say the following are examples of personality type One-wing-Nine: Plato, Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, Colin Powell, Michael Dukakis, William F. Buckley, Jr., Al Gore, George F. Will, George Harrison, and C. S. Lewis. I do have some doubts about Thoreau belonging in this group.

In my observation, One-wing-Nines, more than any other type, have a tendency to occupy the place of an impersonal ideal—to represent an ideal and act on its behalf without consideration of what other people think. This perspective-One ability to think from the place of an idea was illustrated by a former teacher of mine, who would muse during a
seminar, “I wonder what wants to be said on this topic.” Would another type even consider that an idea might “want” something?

One-wing-Nines are reformers, moralists, and philosophers. They can be somewhat ascetic, suppressing impulses that do not accord with their principles. And they can be intolerant of the weaknesses and hypocrisies of others. You may typically find them earnestly engaged in convincing others to live up to their own professed ideals.

Along these lines, my One-wing-Nine friend loves the poem “Let America Be America Again” by the African-American poet Langston Hughes, which you can read here.



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