Jennifer Aniston a Six-wing-Seven

If you do an internet search for Jennifer Aniston’s Enneagram type, you find out that several writers classify her as a Nine. But Ginger Lapid-Bogda has her as a Six, and I agree.

In a recent People magazine interview, Aniston came across as a Six-wing-Seven, the Loyalist.

Many entertainers have personality type Six-wing-Seven. Think Julia Roberts. This type has an other-orientation and wants to give other people a happy and harmonious—but also interesting—experience.

On the other hand, Six-wing-Sevens are questioning and suspicious of others’ motives and work hard to maintain privacy and security, opening themselves up to only a few trusted friends.

For the People interview, Aniston shows with her dogs. Having pets is a frequent Sevenish trait. But more than that, dogs are the perfect pet for the Loyalist.

More evidence: When asked what makes her happy, Aniston responds, “I am blessed with an amazing career, and I have a great group of friends. Why waste time on the negative when you really do have the power of the mind to just switch it to something positive?” Not only does this quote echo the theme of loyalty, it also adds a preference for the positive over the negative, which is a common criterion of Six-wing-Sevens.

Yet Six-wing-Sevens who are evolving personally will strive to give space and recognition to the dark side. When the interviewer comments that maintaining positivity can be hard to do, Aniston continues, “Sometimes it’s really hard. You just have to say it’s okay to be in a funk sometimes. I don’t trust somebody who’s happy all the time. You need the light and the dark.”

But, finally, loyalty and security remain the consummate Loyalist values. The interviewer asks Aniston what she is looking for in a potential romantic partner, and Aniston answers, “Sense of humor, a good friend—see what their friendship list looks like. Are your friends consistent for 20 years or do you have to do new crops every two years? And loyalty. Big time. And also discretion [laughs].”

 Julie Jordan, “Jen Gets Real!” People (February 21, 2011).

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